Friday, July 5, 2013

Do You Put Your Business on the Street? (Like I Do!)

How many privacy statements have you either signed or received a copy of lately? Did you keep track of them? Like write them down in a list to keep? 

Of course not. You did not even READ them before you signed or threw them into the trash. You trust whoever asked you to sign or read the privacy statement that they will keep your Business private. Right? Well, what about you yourself? 

How trustworthy are you about keeping your own privacy or "keeping your business off the street"?

Some of us are open books! We worry that Big Brother is watching us, but we have the drapes open wide. 

Having lived in The Netherlands for over 25 years, I saw how transparent a culture can be. If you take a walk down Dutch streets any time of the day or night, you can view the activity (or inactivity) and the contents of most living rooms and dining rooms. The drapes are wide open, and some people say it is because the Dutch want to show off their belongings. Others say the Dutch want to show that they have nothing to hide. 

And do I look inside as I walk by ? Yep! 

Sometimes I see a 1970's interior that probably hasn't been dusted since then, and sometimes I see a very sterile, modern decor that looks like no one dares to enter. Once in a while I see someone eating a lunch or snack all alone at a dining table in the rear of the room. If I walk in the afternoon, I will see one or two children playing a game or reading. In the evening, there might be more people visible with the blaring television in full view.

Now let's get back to you (and to me). Do you have your drapes open or closed? Where we live in the hot South, closed curtains help to block out the heat. So maybe you keep your drapes closed.

But do you put your business out on the streets anyway? 

The moment I type my first words on this blog and push Published, my words and thoughts enter the World Wide Web. Privacy, goodbye!

When I include a photograph of my furniture, my beagle, or my front porch, my privacy vanishes.

Even if I do not include my name, exact location, names of friends or relatives, or whatever in my blog, I have put my business on the street. 

Following me on Pinterest opens up many private drapes or doors to my life. Even if you do not know me personally, you will learn a lot about me from my Boards on Pinterest. The same goes for my Followers and those I Follow. It is not for nothing that I blocked a Follower who I thought liked my gardening ideas and found out later he liked nude ladies much more. TMI (too much information)!

And then there is Facebook! Are you aware of what you are exposing on Facebook? Should you be surprised that what you put out on the Web (street) could change your life? 

Keep your privacy private and off the street!

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Mrs. Micawber said...

I think we have to accept a certain level of exposure as soon as we turn on the computer....

Having said that, I do have strict self-imposed limits as to what I will or will not reveal online. Let's hope this offers a little bit of protection. :)