Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Do I Dare Shoot (photos with my new camera)?

I received an ultimatum last night. Either use the new camera, or we are sending it back. 
Grrrrrrrr! No way, Jose!

So here goes. 
These are photos of my yoghurt straining this morning:

Fresh out of the fridge after cooling all night. Notice whey pooling on top.

Close up shot of clear whey. Slightly curdy underneath.

Set up of large colander and draining bowl underneath.

I add an upside down saucer to keep the strainer out of the wet whey.

Then I use a mesh paint strainer from Lowe's to line the sieve. Thanks to George G. for the idea of the mesh thing. He uses his to strain his compost tea. Yuck!

I spooned the set up yoghurt into the strainer.

Here is my saved starter for next week. Into the fridge it went.

I made three pots, so here is another view before straining.

Same setup as the other bowl.

Only smaller.

This one set up firmer for some reason.

See. It looks more like yoghurt!

Whey that drained out while I photographed.

Amazing amount of whey. I dilute it and use it to water my azaleas.

What's to cleanup!

Here is the results. Two large jars of Greek yoghurt and 6 1/2 cups of whey. Note that I started out with one gallon of 2% milk.

The last bit of Greek yoghurt from batch made last week.

Almost cream cheesy.

How I eat my yoghurt EVERYDAY. Topped with my favorite cereal and of course honey.


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