Monday, July 29, 2013

Homemade Yoghurt

Making your own yoghurt is not rocket science. That is what I told our civil engineer son this morning when he sent me the following photo of his yoghurt endeavor. Now to just chill it while he is at work today, maybe strain it tonight, and VOILA Greek Yoghurt!

A little background info--He had some milk that was hitting the "sell by date." What to do with a gallon of that? He made lots of pancakes and froze them for later, froze some milk, and tried the following recipe that I sent him---

Here is the recipe for Mom's Homemade Yoghurt:

1. Pour milk into pan and heat to ALMOST boil. Around 170 degrees F.
If no thermometer, just don't let it boil. You can do this in the
microwave in a glass bowl. 20 seconds at a time until it ALMOST boils.
2. Let cool to about 110 degrees F. A little hotter than body temp.
(Try to use your barbecue thermometer.) Skim off milk film. Flip loves
that part. You can throw that skin away.
3. Add two or three heaping tablespoons of live culture yoghurt. Whisk
lightly to mix.
4. Cover warm mixture and then wrap in a couple of towels or blanket
and put in a warm (not hot!) place. I use the bathroom off our
mudroom. I have read to use an oven with only the light turned on.
Mixture needs to have about 100 degree temp for 10 or more hours. More
than ten makes it more sour, so you need more sweetener. (Some people
put it in small containers at this point. Individual servings!
Nonsense for me.
5. After 10 hours it should look like yoghurt, but place in fridge. It
will get a little firmer as it gets cold.
6. Add sweetener and then eat, or strain it in a cotton (not terry)
tea towel or coffee filter in the fridge for 3 hours for Greek
7. Store in jar or container in fridge.
8. Save a cup of your yoghurt if you plan to try this again. That will
be your live culture!

You will not hurt my feelings if you water your plants with this milk,
but making yoghurt is like a science experiment. And just think how
many people you can impress when you say, "I made my own (Greek) yoghurt."
Love you, Mom

Please check out my next two blog posts. July 30, 2013 even has photos. ;))))


Wendy Bellino said...

I'd love to try some!

Linda said...

Next time we come your way, I will bring you some. Your dad tried it at Memaw's, but heard he did not like it. Maybe she forgot to tell him to add honey or sugar. It is way different and better than the factory yoghurt. Most of that is not even real yoghurt with live culture. Can't wait for you to try my yoghurt. In the meantime, try Fage or Chobani. Aunt Linda