Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Dutch Friends

Some of my most faithful blog readers are our friends who live in The Netherlands. 

One couple in particular wrote a spectacular travel blog when they visited us and the United States for the first time in February and March of 2012. I will never be able to write a travel commentary or take such awesome photos as they did. Maybe that is the reason I have let my blog be a compilation of lots of different subjects. If I see something new that I want to comment on, then I do. No themes to follow for me.

But M and J are our special friends. And today is their wedding anniversary! While rummaging through our stacks and stacks of old photos and paperwork, I found a folder full of wedding invitations that my hub collected before I met him. And this is what I found:

This is text for our travel bloggers' wedding invite. According to my birthday/anniversary calendar hanging in our hall toilet, they married in 1973. 

So M and J got married 40 years ago today, September 21, 1973. Congratulations! Hugs and kisses! 

And see you two real soon.

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