Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kale (Boerenkool) Stamppot -- Eat Your Heart Out, Pioneer Woman

Kale Stamppot (Boerenkool Stamppot)

You will need:

3 giant potatoes (peeled)
2 toes/cloves of garlic (peeled but left whole)
2 packages of curly kale
2 beef sausage links
5 1/2 slices of bacon (Flip got the other 1/2)

The best potato peeler I have ever used and two toes or cloves of garlic.

This sausage tastes pretty much like Gelderseworst (Dutch).  I like that it is beef, not pork.

Potatoes are cut up into uniform blocks for uniform cooking. Be sure pan will not be damaged by stamping or smashing with potato masher.

Two garlic cloves ready to "hot tub" in the boiling water.

Blurry photo (camera could not find a focal point!) of the chopped kale. All stems were removed.

Layers: Diced potatoes and garlic on the bottom, enough water to cover potatoes, then chopped kale, and finally the beef sausages on top. Ready to roll, oops boil!

All cleaned up and peelings and stems are in the compost canister.

Best smoked bacon to chop and fry up for adding at the end of preparation.

This is what 5 1/2 slices of chopped bacon look like.

Lid on the pot and heat from our induction cooktop.

Kale is beginning to wilt and change color. Those potato pieces and garlic are getting hot down under. As for the sausages, they have not really felt the heat yet.

Kale has begun to shrink, and the potatoes are peeking through. Sausage is feeling the heat and steam.

Almost there. Potatoes are pretty flakey, and the sausage is ready to pop open.

Drain off the cooking water (pot liquor?). Hub says to save it in case the stamppot is too dry, but I never do. Kale is now dark green.

Smash the potatoes, garlic (where is it?), and cooked kale until all are mixed well.

We got so excited that I forgot to take a photo of the fried bacon bits and jus (grease) poured on top of the pile of stamppot on our plates. But you can use your imagination.

Here are the leftovers for tomorrow night:

Makes enough for two meals for two hearty eaters.

If you want a different kind of recipe (text only!), then check out my October 10, 2012 post called Curly Kale Stamppot Recipe.


Endah Murniyati said...

Look like a delicious meal. My family don't eat bacon, maybe I can use fresh beef. Thanks to share this recipe. Have a nice weekend

Linda said...

The bacon provides the salt, so if you do not use bacon, add some salt for flavoring. Thanks, Endah, for your comments. Enjoy your Sunday. Linda

Astri said...

Oh my goodness this looks so good!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I have got to try this for my boys. I grow our own kale, and my boys ADORE it. Usually I just do kale chips or add it to soups or pastas. I haven't tried anything like your recipe before.

Linda said...

This is real Dutch winter food. My husband is Dutch, and he loves these leafy veggies mashed with boiled potatoes. Actually any type of lettuce will do, and you do not have to cook the lettuce. The heat of the warm, boiled potatoes is enough. Salty bacon and grease (or salty butter) served on top just makes it delicious. Enjoy! Linda

Laura Lane said...

That sounds just too delicious!
Harvest Lane Cottage

Mama Syder said...

Ive never thought to mash kale with spuds before, it looks delicious! I'll be trying that x

My Simple Life said...

that sounds delicious!!!!
thanks for the recipe.
have a nice week,

Linda said...

I just checked out your blog with your latest harvest. Is there no way to Follow you? Linda

naomilovestom said...

Where would one find the potato peeler you use?

Linda said...

Naomi, you asked about the potato peeler. It is a Famos peeler ( Mine was made in W. Germany, so I guess it is considered vintage. Hope you find one. (You are a No Reply, by the way. So hope you see this❣) Linda