Thursday, September 12, 2013

Up Close and Personal

Tuesday evening I made a few nature shots to get in some more close-up practice. Enjoy the products of September in the Deep South.


These next few mushrooms look like under done pancakes.


My hub brushes away the weeds, but I like to photograph how I find them.

This one looks like the golf balls my brother knocked into our pond.

The next one is my favorite with the perfect sphere and crackled surface.

This is the first runner-up with scalloped edges.

Then come the flowers. 

What a sweet smell!

These flowers cover the two unsightly drain pipes.

A flower family gathering.

So dainty.

Temptation for the end of summer bees. 

Lonely bloom.


Endah Murniyati said...

So beautiful flowers! Interesting mushrooms. Are they edible?

Linda said...

I have no idea if they are edible. I would not risk eating them! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Linda

miniviper said...

Nice photos! The flowers are nice since you managed to create some DOF (depth of field...aka...blurring the background while the subject is in perfect focus). Keep trying to do that, it's a nice photography skill! Glad to see some pretty pictures!!

Linda said...

Yea, Pop says that was good, too. He was worried that there would not be good enough light since it was dusk. I am learning. More photos tomorrow! :>}