Saturday, September 28, 2013

We Blog (text only)

I am surely going to step on some toes today, so hide your feet.

I have gotten caught up in the "photo and show it" blogging. When I began my Wetcreek Blog, I never meant for it to be a "I'll show mine, if you will show yours" weblog. 

Maybe you will remember that I began my blog on the Internet as a continuation of the weekly letters I had been writing to my MIL in The Netherlands. Of course she enjoyed the occasional photograph, but it was the text (even in broken Dutch) that I wrote that she looked forward to, I hope. When she passed away, I received the binder with almost all of my letters to her. Maybe it is time to publish those letters here on this blog. I could include my poor Dutch text, and then let my readers use the translate button. That should be amusing.

But back to my weblog. I realized that my "text only" posts needed something to spice them up when my dear niece mentioned that I needed to include photos of the food items that I "reciped." I responded that I was not going to prepare and photograph all of the family recipes in my mom's cookbook, since that was not my mission. I was just trying to share Mom's recipes with those who were not so fortunate to have a copy of her handwritten cookbook. (By the way, Family, if you have not copied and pasted your favorites, you may be in for a surprise when my Wetcreek Blog disappears.)

My son gave me a wonderful camera so that I could liven up my blog and make sure it was not boring. But I somehow got lazy and started relying on photos instead of text to dictate my post subjects. I notice that that has happened to other bloggers, too. Sometimes there are no captions or text at all, just photos. 

Do not get me wrong, the photography is beautiful! But I am no photographer. Plus my life is still pretty private. I will share photos of what keeps me busy, but for the rest my followers will have to imagine and read between the lines.

Gosh, this was rambling and a bit like my blog posts. My hub said recently, "You have all kinds of stuff in your blog." 

Yes, that is my life. 

All kinds of stuff.


Mrs. Micawber said...

I never miss photos on your blog - your words are enough for me! And your background is so cheery - it adds plenty of visual interest.

Warning: Middle-Aged Comment Coming Up! I think the younger generation(s) are so used to the icons and sound-bites that pervade modern life, they are losing the art of slow reading and deep thought. (There, now I've stepped on some toes too.) :)

Linda said...

Thanks for the kind words. And I love your photos and captions and poetry and crochet work and .... Have a good weekend. Look forward to your Sunday experience. Biking or walking? Linda

Paulette said...

A well written blog that gives the reader a picture in their mind is fine with me. However I do enjoy photographs of places and things that I wouldn't get to see. What I don't enjoy on blog posts is when the blogger gathers photos that they have not taken.

Linda said...

Paulette, good points. I especially agree with your last remark. I just found one of my personal photos on Pinterest with no reference to the source of the photo (me!). Guess I need to learn how to add my blogspot to my photos. Linda

Linda said...

I need to watermark my photos. Linda

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

I still read blogs without pictures. No worries! XO