Monday, September 2, 2013

Old Stuff

To kill the "cabin fever" during this hot weather, we decided to sort through old photos and correspondence. 

The last few years I have just been stashing photos, letters, agendas, etc. into a couple of giant storage bins. Well, over the weekend we dived into the boxes. Our upstairs playroom is strewn with ephemera, pictures, and a few "treasures." 

But we are getting a grip on what is there. At least now we can get rid of some items that neither we nor our son will ever need to look through again, especially some paper goods belonging to other family members. 

I did find a few fun items that were not too personal. Most were travel related, since my MIL saved postcards, train receipts, hotel invoices, napkins, etc. from family vacations.

Here is a photo of only a couple of things I found:

There are many, many more of this sort of thing crammed into my MIL's travel diaries.

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Endah Murniyati said...

Sometime, when I found an old thing in unpredictable place, it would be surprising. Maybe for others it was nothing, but for me it was really 'something'. In every moment I always keep on something memorable, although it just a card, pin, ID, picture, and other. It would bring me to the past time.