Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Staying Alive




Where is the water?

Yesterday my mom, my hub, and I were drenched in a deluge of water from a thunderstorm while shopping for grocery essentials. When we delivered my mom back home, the rain had stopped. By the time we got to our house, there was NOTHING! The rain skipped us. :(

It has been so hot and dry here lately that I HATE to even think about doing anything outside. 
We walk with our Flip every single evening for 30 minutes, and some of those walks have been waaaay toooo HOT.

Back to the water. 
Last night I had to water the fruit trees. 

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Mrs. Micawber said...

We are very dry too. After our very wet spring I really thought we were set for the year ... but not so. The lawns are all brown and crispy and the trees look unhappy.

Time for a rain dance? :)