Monday, November 12, 2012

A Look into the Past

Before we cross back over the puddle, today we drove out into the beautiful Dutch countryside to visit a farmhouse previously owned by my hub's ancestors.

Although a rich businessman and his wife remodeled the typically Dutch farmhouse years ago, some of the original characteristics are still intact. The bedstee (bedstead) in the kitchen has become the long-haired retriever's dog bed. Hub said he is sure that his ancestors are turning over in their graves over that. Dogs were meant to sleep on anything except the owner's bed. I agree!

Then we saw the wonderful old hearth with old Dutch tiles near a built-in china cabinet in the kitchen. In the living room the present owners enjoy the monstrous stone fireplace mantle that originally contained homefires in a French mansion. The original ceiling beams and boards made us wonder just how old this farm really is. And to my surprise, the original feed troughs were still where they had been for ages. (Now in the living room!)

We found information about this farm among my deceased  inlaws' papers, and we decided to check it out. You can, too, since it was put on the market for sale six weeks ago! Please take a look at this historical monument, and for 1,000,000 euros it could be yours!

I will be "out of pocket" for a short while. Be back as soon as I can get connected to the Internet.

Photo of bedstee (bedstead) in the farmhouse we visited.

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