Sunday, November 4, 2012

Induction Cooking, Yes!

When we moved to the US back in 2006, we took an induction cooktop with us. (We also took 5 toilets that could be installed inside the bathroom wall, but that is another story.) We took the induction cookstove, because we knew our new house would be an all electric house. Before that time, I had always prepared our meals on gas stoves. While I lived in our barn apartment for two years, I had an electric cooktop. Luckily I did not have to cook many important meals during that time, since an electric burner usually burns up everything, including my dinner!

Induction cooking is not new in Europe nor in the US. But I am amazed that very few people know too much about how fast and easy it is. The biggest problem is making sure that you have the correct pots and pans for cooking on the stove. Induction only works when you use a cooking vessel with a bottom that is attracted to a magnet. Up until I ruined my Dutch bank card, I used to carry a small magnet in my purse to check out any new cookware I was planning to buy. The things we do!

In this apartment we have set up an induction cooktop on top of the gas cookstove, since induction is far safer. Only one cooking vessel, a brand new wok, in the inlaws' kitchen worked on the induction stove. So while we were in Germany last week, we bought a skillet, a soup pan, and a small sauce pan from an 86 year old German lady who ran a very unusual household shop. She moved very slowly and even spoke English to me when she realized I was an American. Our purchase may have been her largest sell for the day.

Tonight we had boerenkool (kale) stamppot. Our two burner induction cooker and a new soup pan plus the new/used wok cooked our dinner to perfection. Check back to a post on October 10 for the recipe.

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