Thursday, November 15, 2012

Domino Effect

We are back in the really big city with our son and our beagle.

Our son is old enough and wise enough to take care of himself and of us, but the beagle is another story.

As Flip had missed a few walks the last month, we are playing catch up. Last evening around six o'clock he and I took a stroll down my favorite neighborhood street. As he passed in front of each house on the block, he set off the barking dogs. By the time we got to the corner of the street, there had been a domino effect set into motion.

A cacaphony of barking dogs all because one pooch was taking an evening stroll! What a sound!

This morning at 5:30 Flip and I were both awake, so we went out for an early stroll in the dark. Luckily the dogs along the route were fast asleep, or we would have had a repeat performance of the Barking Dogs Review.

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