Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tile Tattoos

Since our furnishings moved out and are crossing the great puddle, we have had a chance to see this apartment in semi-nude condition.

Although it is a lovely, bright place to stay, we now notice a few things that could be improved.

Back in March we removed the Astro turf from the balcony floor that was beginning to harvest a good crop of moss.After treating the tiles with soda and vinegar, the green thing is under control. We also removed a black safety mat from the master bathroom floor back in March, and the beautiful blue floor tiles are shining again. 

When we cleaned the carpet in the living room a couple of weeks ago, we rolled up the huge red Persian carpet and found a perfectly clean spans of blue carpet underneath where we now have our reading area. Two days ago we bought a "make do" wooden dining table from Ikea and painfully (without drill!) put that together to go with our four 2nd hand wooden dining chairs from our favorite Kringwinkel in Twello.

Yesterday we walked into town and back to look for "tile tattoos" to improve the kitchen appearance. We found what we wanted at Xenos, but now I am trying to decide whether I like the ecru flowery tattoo or the old Dutch blue one. I am leaniing toward the more modern ecru design, since I decided to try to keep our furnishings of this place different from our home in the states.

Sorry, no photos of the flat (apartment). It still looks like we are camping out!


miniviper said...

Tattoo, not Tatoo

Linda said...

Thanks. Your 7th grade English teacher taught you well!