Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Exactly Four Years Ago!

Four years ago this was the way our pond drainage pipe looked.

Guess what, Folks, the pipe looks exactly the same (sans waterfall) today.  Only now there is a barbed wire fence about where I am standing in the photo above.   A fence that separates us from OUR pipe.

To the left of the pipe can now be found an elaborate display of riprap.  The riprap is what we requested that the neighboring landowners would allow over four years ago.

Now they have the riprap, OUR pipe, no natural drainage, AND a barbed wire fence to keep someone off their land.

And what did we get? A new levee (and all the headaches that involved), a smaller and new pond, erosion along the banks of our new pond, and a huge "airstrip" of rutted, eroded land that separates our pond levee from the neighboring landowners' property and barbed wire fence!

Bah Humbug! (Thanks, taxpayers, for paying over $50,000 for this debacle!)

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