Saturday, November 10, 2012

Close To You

Before I forget, I am passing the 300th blog post with this post. Never dreamed I would write so much in less than one year. Now on to the next hundred postings!

Today I realized what a small and crowded country we are in while doing some last minute shopping for dinner. My hub went to a different supermarket to return some plastic water bottles and pick up some cheese while I went on my own into my favorite Albert Heijn grocery store. It was terribly busy with lots of really old feeble ladies balancing themselves behind rollators and mothers and fathers with tiny children pushing miniature shopping carts. If you can get an American size Walmart out of your mind and envision a significantly smaller Dutch Albert Heijn, you can imagine me dodging the other shoppers. By the way, they did not dodge me. I have proof on my heels and shins.

Then the strangest thing happened. While I reached into the glass doored display case for a package of grated cheese, I was confronted by a man's face only about three inches next to mine. As I turned to expect my sometimes sneaky and joking hub, I almost came in facial contact with a stranger. I was so shocked that he was so close that I almost slammed the glass door on his head. Then he said, "I needed to go there, too."

I have been laughing ever since.

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