Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jysk vs. Ikea

Vacationing in this "empty" apartment is not as bad as we thought it might be. Having kept cooking essentials in the kitchen cabinets makes meal planning and prep reasonably easy. Who cares that the plates and cups do not match? We don't even worry about that at home in the US.

Yesterday we had just about had it with trying to watch tv and maybe even take a nap in front of the tv while sitting in the two remaining winged chairs in the living room. Last Spring we purchased  Ikea footstools to give us more relaxing comfort, but we are used to sitting in comfy recliners to watch tv.

So we found an ad from Seats and Sofas on the Internet and went out to get our two inexpensive "relax-fauteuils." When they proved to be worse than we thought with plastic bag upholstery, we walked down to the other shops on the furniture boulevard. Most of the shops were cheap junk shops that we knew did not have much furniture, so we kept looking.

Then we saw Jysk. Somewhere I had read about this store, so we popped in to look around. Everything had a low price, and then we saw our two black recliners. The floor models were worn, but that was even better than the winged dings at the apartment. Before we could get back to the front cashier to make our purchase, we checked out the rest of the store. There were good bargains on everything! My kind of store! If we ever need to furnish an apartment or house here in Europe, I am definitely going back there. Needless to say the merchandise will not last for a lifetime, but we already have that kind of stuff in our real home in America or on the Bonn Express.

So Ikea, you have met your match! Jysk warning ya!
(And we came home with two NEW black recliners!)

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