Monday, November 26, 2012

Today is Summer!

Yesterday we had winter. No really, yesterday morning it was so cold here that I could have worn my "beremuts" ( bear skin cap) instead of my wool crocheted cap when I took my early morning walk with Flip.

It was so cold that our Rainbird irrigation meter out by the barn may have frozen. And all of the little lettuce plants were wilted from the cold. And our rooftop was solid white from the frost. And my single tomato plant in the boxwood cutting box in the front flowerbed froze. That is how cold it WAS.

Today is a different story. Rain came through from the southwest and along came the warm weather. Temps today should be up to 26 C (80 F).

Actually that is a more spring type temp than summer. But for friends in Europe, we have summer today. :)

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