Monday, November 5, 2012

Kan Niet, Mag Niet, Moet Niet

Our heater in the apartment needs inspection and possibly cleaning, since a sticker on the machine states that the last inspection was done in October 2010.

As we have only one more full week here, my hub phoned the service company today to set up an appointment. The service lady my hub talked to said the appointment could be scheduled in two weeks, but we will be gone by then. When my husband asked politely if someone could come this week, the receptionist connected him with an inspector. And, believe it or not, he can come to check out the heater tomorrow between 8 and 12 noon!

Thus the "kan niet, mag niet, moet niet" Dutch mentality of the 1970's still exists. They can not, may not, and must not, but, of course, they will. And then what about tomorrow morning?


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