Friday, November 16, 2012

No Dummy

Who says beagles are dumb? 

When our Flip realized that he was stuck with me (and only me) this afternoon, he whined one weak whine and disappeared. When I realized he wasn't asleep under my propped up legs, I started searching for him. I think this may be a rerun. I was experiencing déjà vu, since this has happened before. 

So I first looked on the staircase landing, then his bed in the dining room, and then I remembered that I found him a couple of months ago in our son's clothes closet. 

Nope, he was nowhere! 

Finally I climbed the stairs and peeked into the bedroom where we sleep when we visit, and there he was. Sleeping on his little covered mattress next to our bed where he always sleeps when we visit our son in the big city.

Smart pup!


Linda said...

Had to wake up Flip after 21/2 hours. Feels like taking care of a baby. Oops, he is asleep again. This time under my legs!

Linda said...

I had to make a bed For him in the living room tonight.