Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Flip, the Ice Cube

We are freezing this doggie! 

Our downstairs air conditioner is out of order (and the part is difficult to find on short notice), so my hub has the upstairs one going full blast so that we will be cool enough to sleep in our downstairs bedroom at night. He also keeps the temp in the house cool, since I am doing a major inside house cleaning. Who likes to perspire while you are knee deep in dust? 

Everyone is happy with the COOL temps except for Flip. He jumps outside every single time I go out to shake out a rug, dust cloth, or whatever. 

Right now he is lying at my feet on the front porch, since I have stopped cleaning for the day. 

A picture of satisfaction. 

When he goes back inside, he will surely look for a clean, warm rug just out of the clothes dryer. 

Funny dog!

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