Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You Know It Is Hot When ....

You know it is hot when you come inside into the car garage from outside in the garden and think the garage is cool.

Actually it is. When the temperature in the garage hits 82F (28C), the airco turns on automatically. Even Flip gets to eat his dinner meal in comfort in there. And most days when we drive somewhere we don't know the real outside temperature until we reach our destination.

That happened today when we went to check on the progress of our eyeglasses about 45 miles from here. We scurried from the cool pickup to a couple of shops to keep from broiling in the 90F (35C) temps.

When we got back home, Flip was snoozing on the shaded front porch and felt as cool as a cucumber. He was ready for his dinner meal and about 8 tennis ball retrievals. Now he is back to a cool nap in the foyer until our late evening (8:00 p.m.) walk around the pond.

That is when you know it is hot. When even the dogs lie low.


Hindustanka said...

I can understand what it means when it is hot. I moved to India few years ago, and scorching sun in the May-June make you feel so sick and exhausted... ACs in the car and at home is the only way out.
Take care and drink more water!

Wendy Bellino said...

So true! Most days I don't know what the outside temp is until lunch I'm not outside long enough in between sprints to the car!

Linda said...

Stay cool. Comments are working fine now.