Sunday, June 9, 2013

Impulse Gardener

After a good thunderstorm this afternoon and 1 inch of rain, I went out to my veggie garden to harvest a few squash babies for a salad. I found the plants in a bit of a disarray, but most look like they will survive.

I cut a few baby yellow squashes, finger size zucchinis, garlic, and onion. While pulling up the garlic and onion, I noticed that the weeds came out easy, too. So in the slightly drizzling rain I started "wet"weeding. The onions and garlic are as ready as they will ever get, and if I leave them any longer in the wet soil they will surely boil in the hot summer temps. I had that happen a couple of years ago. Nothing worse than "cooked in the soil" onions. Those went straight to the compost heap. Hopefully I rescued these early enough.

While pulling the onions, I got right into weeding the entire bed. As I worked, the outside temperature increased and so did my body temperature. Stringy hair and all. When I got down to the cukes, I found some decent asparagus hiding amongst the vines. So those were added to the veggie collection.

Finally after about two hours of pulling grass and weeds from the mud and making four huge piles for the compost, I quit.

When I came inside, my hub said he thought I had been taking a nap. I am not that impulsive in the middle of the day. But maybe I should have been napping. This coughing thing still has me in its grips! 

Word to the wise: Do not try to be a master gardener when you are sick. The illness puts you way behind in your weeding. 


Paulette said...

Vegtable gardens are a big commitment but such a wonderful reward of fresh homegrown goodness. Hope you will feel 100% very soon.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Wet weeding is great! Your garden sounds wonderful.

Hope you feel better soon - all that garlic and onion should help. :)