Sunday, June 30, 2013

Who Eats Spaghetti with Saltine Crackers?

Where in the world did eating saltine crackers with spaghetti come from?

Last night my hub and I had a really soupy kind of tuna macaroni and cheese casserole. Since the weather is still so hot, I try to avoid turning on the oven. So after I assembled the macaroni and cheese dinner, tuna, and can of mushroom soup, I just zapped it in the microwave for a couple of minutes until it was good and hot.

Then we sat down to eat the casserole with a yummy veggie salad with cukes and squashes out of our garden and store bought lettuce, kale, and tomatoes. (Our tomatoes are still green on the kitchen table.)

Something reminded me that back in the day my mom used to serve this kind of dinner with saltine crackers. So I dived into the freezer remembering that I had a bag of crackers hiding there on the top shelf. When I put this bag on the dinner table, my hub looked a little bewildered. In our 33 years of blissful married life, I had never served saltine crackers with noodles. He wasn't too fond of the salt, so this was not a hit with him. I probably will serve garlic bread the next time.

But back to the saltines with spaghetti. My mom usually put a box of those on our family dinner table when she served her family famous meatballs and spaghetti. Were the crackers her idea as a substitute for bread, or did someone before her come up with this "delicacy"?

Whatever. I like it.


Laura Lane said...

Good morning, Linda,

I really don't know. It's strange to me.

Last week, at our Wednesday night church supper, the menu was:
Spaghetti Red (Chili over spaghetti noodles)
Parmesan Cheese
Dill Pickle Slices

To me, that was a bizarre combination. I dutifully tried it, with the pickles on the side. While the chili was good on its own, I didn't really care for all of it mixed together. I was told that there used to be a diner in town that sold this almost exclusively. They served it with plenty of grease, hence, a greasy spoon diner.

Not my cup of tea, but they were popular for many years until the owner retired and closed the business.

Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

P.S. My hubby would have preferred garlic bread, too.

Wendy Bellino said...

Paoaw always had to have a puece of bread with his meal, maybe she was out of bread and the crackers were close enough!

miniviper said...

Let's be precise...Papaw had to have HALF a piece of bread!

legsbluetrain said...

I used to make spaghetti sandwiches with 2 crackers & spaghetti

Debbie Lynn said...

My family has always put crackers in their spaghetti since childhood.