Thursday, June 27, 2013

Old People at the Doctor's Office

No, Mom, I am not writing about you this time. I am writing about us, my hub and me.

Our outings lately have been "old people" outings. Yes, we are still the people who do our own yard work, clean our own house, plant our own veggie garden, cook our own meals, etc. and etc. But it seems that lately we have spent too much time going, coming, and sitting in doctors' offices.

Don't get me wrong, neither of us is ill. We just need a little "tweeking."

First off, my teeth situation has not been the best lately. From root canal to chipped teeth to lost fillings, I have spent way too much time with my dentist and his lovely assistant. When we told them farewell on Monday, we trusted they will have a great rest of the summer without seeing us.

Then the eye doctor is another story. Yesterday I had a "re-exam" just to make sure the doc got my eyeglass prescription right. Then we sat down with the technician to order my glasses for the fourth time in three months. And to think that I only went to the eye doctor in March to make sure I had no debilitating eye ailments and to get new frames. My old lenses are great!

While we were in the examining room, I told the doctor that Hub could also not see properly out of his new glasses. So now we have ordered his third pair of glasses!

A couple of years ago, my mom and I went "North" to visit her family. When her sister-in-law was not at home, my mom said to her younger sister, "oh, they are probably at the doctor." We all laughed about old folks and doctors appointments.

But, folks, it ain't funny anymore. Especially when you live out in the country and have to drive over an hour to just get to the doctor's office. And then comes the long wait and the actual visit. 

This part of "old" I do not like!


Wendy Bellino said...

Doesn't count as an old people outing unless you arrive an hour early and then complain that you have to wait!

Linda said...

We always drive in at 2 minutes before our appointment. I am waiting for the doc to tell us we are too late. Hasn't happened yet. ;)