Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trapezoid Vision and Reduced Height

I finally picked up my new eyeglasses today. 

If you have been following my blog, you know that this is the redone, redone version of the glasses I ordered back in early March. Version 1 was not a success. I could read nothing! Version 2 wasn't much better with double vision.

The ones today (Version 3) are far prettier than my old ones. (The gold foil on the old frames is disappearing bit by bit. Now they scrape my ears when I wear them. Ouch!) With the new ones, they slide right through my hair and over my ears. Yes! 

But, and there is a but. 

I have trapezoid vision! When I look at my rectangular iPad screen, I see a trapezoid with the top wider than the bottom. 

What next? I have notified the dispenser of the glasses and asked that same question. According to what I have read on the Internet today, I need to wear the spectacles for a few days and give my eyes and brain some time to adjust.

In the meantime, I swear I am shorter than I was before I put on these new glasses at 1:30 p.m. today. And the ground seems closer to my nose than it was around lunchtime today.

Trapezoid computer screens and reverting to a munchkin was not my plan for new, pretty eyeglasses.



euser said...

Hey did you get it right after wearing it for few days? Like did height reduction and trapezoid problem got solved?

Linda said...

No, nothing improved. I returned the glasses, eventually got my refund, and replaced my old frames for new ones at another place. Recently I went to get new lenses and had the same height reduction, trapezoid problem, and slanted to the back situation. I am living with them, but not a happy camper! Linda

euser said...
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euser said...

Hi Linda
I am also having the same problem with my glasses. Seeing things reduced in heights, rectangular things looking trapezoid, and circular things looking elliptical. I showed my glasses to some other optician also and he told that angle is wrong. But when I took to the manufacturer place, he got it computer checked and the manufacturing was done as per the prescription. They all say it is like this only, it will correct by itself, but I ain't trust no businessman like that, until and unless I am not getting the required results that I want. So it leads me to the following conclusion, Case 1. Prescriptions are wrong. Doctor does not know his job. Case 2: Manufacturer computer checking device is faulty. Or he does not know his job either. They all need to go to school to learn this job. I think I will get the prescription from someone else now.

Linda said...

I used two different suppliers and "doctors." Both were no good. So good luck! If you succeed, please come back and let me know what you find out. Linda