Thursday, December 27, 2012

Agaves in the Wild

In order to have a little peace, I just sent Flip to his bed. I swear he gave me the same snort sound that my own child (and a couple of thousand others at school) did when he did not want to do what I requested.

And now he has just trip trapped back with a toy rabbit in hopes that I changed my mind.

No way we are going to play "drop it" or "find it" now.

Flip and I went on our morning walk today in thick frost, thus below freezing temps.

He is on the leash today, since we have had it with the wood ticks. Nothing seems to work when he goes out into the deep woods for hours at a time. Those tiny critters have a feast, and Flip looks pretty pitiful after we pull off the ticks (and a pinchful of hair=lots of tiny bald spots). So it is off to the Vet today to see if we can buy a new tick collar, that really works.

The most interesting things I saw today during our cold, refreshing walk were the baby agave plants growing in the compost heap on the fence line. Earlier this year I pulled up baby agave plants instead of cutting them down. I saved them for a week or so, thinking I would transplant them somewhere. Well, I threw them away on the grass and weed heap across the driveway, and now they are thriving.

Think I will leave them there and just see what they do. Won't our big city neighbor be surprised at his agave garden?

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