Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Almost There

This morning we almost made it to the finish line. I mean we almost finished moving the cabinets into the house.

Before the two of us could bring in a secretary and a china cabinet/dry sink, I had to empty out our old farm cabinet that would make a move to the other side of the living room. So while my hub kept "sawing logs" in bed, I added some of our old stuff to the already full tables in the kitchen.

Then the fun began! We maneuvered the empty farm cabinet across the room, while one door dangled on one hinge. Next we lifted the secretary and transported it up the garage steps and down the hallways to its designated place in the living room. As our son would say, "there were some raised voices."

Then there was the china cabinet/dry sink piece. Getting it up on the little "hondje/dolly" was a feat, but it made it to its destination in one piece.

What could possibly be left in the garage? Wellllll, a really heavy clothes closet/wardrobe/chiffarobe ( that is destined for our bedroom), a grandfather clock for our foyer, a wooden bookcase for upstairs, and paintings that will need to be unboxed and hung. The rest is moved! Yesterday we even carried all 16 massive pieces of a sturdy German wardrobe upstairs to our guest bedroom!

This morning Hub said, "It looks like an antique shop." I corrected him. It looked more like a junky flea market.

It is all in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

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