Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spare the Rod or Weapon and Spoil the Child?

Do not spank the child!

I remember my first year of teaching in 1970 as the first and last year that as a teacher I had permission to strike a student. On entering the classroom for the first time, I was given a wooden paddle with a few holes bored into it. I must say that the only time that I remember using it was the day I broke the little 7th grade scoundrel's watch, as he used his arm to protect his rear from the blow of my paddle.

Another time that year, I watched a female physical ed teacher lean into my 1960's style classroom window and paddle a tiny boy she had seen misbehaving in MY classroom! No "excuse me" or "can we talk about this." She just flapped open the ground floor classroom window, stuck her HUGE body into the window, called the boy's name, and started beating him with the paddle. Then she walked away without saying a word.

The next year I was transferred to another school. That was 1971. No paddles or such were allowed in the classroom. I am not too sure what went on in the administrative office, but "no paddling" for teachers. Boy, was I glad.

Now I read that some people want to "arm" teachers and school administrators. WHAT???

Sorry, teachers and administrators. I have seen what you can do to your students with a paddle.

You do not need any kind of weapon!

Leave our children alone!

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