Saturday, December 8, 2012

Challenge: Who Sleeps the Most?

I am not sure who was the smarter this afternoon, my hub or our beagle.

When Flip (the hound) seemed really restless inside the house after another long morning of "hunting," my hub let the dog follow him out into the garage. Flip thought that we were going to take a ride in the car, so he made a beeline to the back of our Jeep. My hub opened the door, placed the dog blanket on the floor, and Flip jumped in. He was is heaven! So my hub closed the door, left the back window open, and came into the house.

That was the last that we heard from Flip until about two hours later when I heard a single bark.

As for my hub, he used the solitude to get a great nap in his favorite recliner. Now who was the winner?

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miniviper said...

Hahahahaha! Hilarious...