Sunday, December 30, 2012

No Deal Cleaning Brick Floors with a Toothbrush

Been there, done that!

For ages I have been looking at little doggie dribbles on our hardwood and brick floors. I have vacuumed, wet mopped, dry mopped, broomed, and mop mopped. Nothing seemed to work. Yesterday I wet wax mopped with a brush and brick and tile cleaner a section of the brick hallway to see if that worked.

No deal!

Then I Bruce spray cleaned the hardwood floor in the living room, but I still saw spots.

No deal!

This morning I used my fingernail to scratch away the dry spots on the hardwood floor. Actually there were not so many, since Bruce spray dissolved a few. And Flip does not spend much time running around in the living room anyway.

Then I tried the fingernail trick on the brick. Really did! Before I ruined my nail, I realized this did not work.

No deal!

Then I read that cold water would remove protein spots, so I tried a piece of ice. That somewhat worked, but that was idiotic (and cold).

No deal!

After that, I read that vinegar cleaned everything. So I tried it straight with an old toothbrush. It worked. Deal, deal, deal! But I don't want our house to smell like a pickle jar!

So no deal!

Next I used the toothbrush with leftover (cold) brick and tile cleaner from yesterday. Finally, I was seeing some results.

But still No Deal!

I am not stupid enough to clean all of our brick floors with a TOOTHBRUSH! So I grabbed our bathroom grout brush and attacked the spots. Hours later (and a stiff pulse later), most of the dreaded puppy spots are gone.

Now to attack the brick floor in the kitchen tomorrow.

And the clean smell is a good Deal.

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