Friday, December 7, 2012

Goodbye, 30 Year Old Bed

We slept on a brand new bed last night. Our 30 year old mattress leaned against the bedroom wall ( just in case the new one did not pass the "test drive.") Well, I am pretty sure we have a keeper. We both slept fine.

Thirty years ago in Rotterdam, we decided to purchase a king size bed. I know they have been popular here in the US for longer than that, but we were taking a leap into new territory in bedroom furniture in Europe.

The local Pullman mattress dealer had what we wanted, so we emptied our pocketbooks and got a new bed. Two box-springs and one HUGE and HEAVY king size mattress! That is the same bed that stayed with us through 30 years including 3 cities in The Netherlands (Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Hague, and Zoeterwoude), a month's cruise across the Atlantic in a container aboard a giant ship, many months storage in our red barn next to our new home under construction, and the last 5 years in our new home here.

After shopping around here in the South for a comparable set of mattresses and even purchasing a Sleep Number bed last December and then sending it back for a refund when we found out it was just a very expensive inflatable mattress, we decided to purchase a new Pullman in The Netherlands and ship it here. Soooooo, last spring we did just that. We shopped while we were there, purchased it, had it delivered to the uninhabited family apartment, and waited until we organized the shipment of inherited goods.

And now we have unpacked and painstakingly set up our two new box-springs and one new HUGE and HEAVY king size mattress that arrived with all of the "antiques" last Friday. We also read on the accompanying brochure that the mattress needs to be turned every month and flipped to the other side........I do not even want to think about it!!!!! If we keep up with that, this mattress set will never make it to its 30th birthday.

Can you hire people to flip mattresses? Just asking.


Virginia Chapman said...

If you find someone to flip you mattress please send them to me. I need a flipped badly.

Linda said...

Should I put up a sign on the post office window? That should cause the locals to gossip.