Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Dutch Friesian Staart Clock Works!

For recent photos of our new OLD Dutch Friesian staart clock, visit my new museum blogspot at My hub found a great place in our dining room for the new addition to our clock collection. He still has to fine tune the bell thingy so that it will toll the hour and half hour, but we are amazed that it ticks and keeps good time.

As for the rest of the unpacking and sorting, we shortened the teak dining table, replaced the black Ikea chairs with proper wheat back dining chairs, and moved a large red rug from the living to the dining room. The big blue rug that we bought at the whirlwind auction back in October is now in the living room under the inherited round dining table and chairs. That area is now set up as a game or card area. I suppose back in the old days that would have been the smoking area, but not around here.

We still have one medium size (heavyweight) wardrobe on a cart out in the garage that needs a two step lift up into the house. When we figure out how to do that, we will be almost finished. Wish us luck. 

Or better yet, call us if you can come over to help.

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