Monday, December 3, 2012

Maintenance and Critters

Maintaining two blogs and getting anything else done will take some organization. But I am game!

Around 10:00 pm tonight the following photo rescued me, as far as blog topics go. If you look closely, in the left hand corner of the landing you can see a snake. Yes, a snake in an office stairwell. A snake in an office stairwell in a big office complex in a huge Texas city. What????

There are rumors that this same business has been plagued by raccoons from a nearby reservoir.
The best advice in the company email concerning this "wild animal" infestation was, "If you encounter an animal inside a building, please do the safe thing and make every effort to avoid them."

But I actually like the sign posted in the stairwell. Use Handrail. Someone needs to teach the snakes and raccoons to read English. TeeHee

I will never touch a handrail again without checking for snakes ;)

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