Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blankets on the Agaves Time

Last evening my hub and I packed in our agave prizes under their winter blankets. The next few nights will be real freezers, and we do not want to lose any of our plants. And especially not our agaves! Now to wait until the nights are balmy, and then to take off the wraps until the next cold wave comes through. Winters here in Louisiana are always a surprise!

Speaking of surprises, we are finished with moving garderobes and recliners! After our monthly Keenagers luncheon today, Hub and I moved the last recliner up 22 steps to upstairs. Then we tackled the last garderobe that had been waiting patiently on the rolling cart in the garage. That involved going up only 2 steps from the garage to the house, but with such a heavy cabinet we were not eager to give that a try until today. Now all of the furniture is in its place.

Bring on the vacuum cleaner!  And Christmas decorations? 

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