Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our Pond Story Continues

5:00 am--lights on the pond. Are you kidding me? In the dark? We don't get sunlight here until after 6:00 am!

Our levee to our pond is being reconstructed and moved before the break of dawn. Will wonders never cease? Actually this is day three of a possible twelve day process. The color change has gone from breathtaking lush green to dull brown to reddish brown to muddy muddy and now the reverse. Except there won't be green grass on top of the new levee until someone plants it. Hope no one is counting on me. I have enough problem with my flowers and veggies.

Back and forth. Back and forth. Since 5:00 am this morning all I have heard and later seen is the steady movement of two John Deere tractors pulling dirt movers back and forth . First scraping off the old levee and then depositing onto the new one next to it. What senseless work in a world where too many people are starving! I could write more, but what the use?

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