Saturday, April 7, 2012


Not a tasteful topic, but everyone has to visit them.

Americans politely call them restrooms, but personally if they are public I am not too restful. I think the Europeans chose the right word when they decided to call them toilets ( or something on that theme). Some Europeans call the home variety WC's, but that is just the initials for "water closet." And in some homes and hotels that little room is sometimes smaller than a broom closet! Once while staying in a hotel in Paris, the toilette down the hall from my room was so small that my knees hit the door. That is small, since I am only around 5'5". I am not sure how my hub or son would be able to manage that size bathroom (where you can't take a bath, Americans).

In many homes and hotels in Europe, there is an additional water apparatus in bathrooms. As well as a bathtub, there may be found a "bidet" next to the commode ( my dad always called the toilet pot this). I think most people get more of a kick imagining how someone would use the bidet than actually using it. My hub as a former tour guide has some humorous stories about foreigners who were perplexed about the use of such a typically female appliance. Ask him, since it is too delicate to share here. Who thought it was a place to wash your socks?

While on vacation in Germany two weeks ago, my hub and I noticed a new sign in toilets. Men are instructed that when they urinate they are to sit down (NOT STAND!). I'll let you think about that one. My mom taught me years ago not to sit down in public toilets, so maybe that sign is also for me. Don't think I am going to change my "stand" on that issue.

While staying in the apartment in The Netherlands, we used "senior height" toilet pots. Here at my son's house he has standard height pots in some "restrooms." I never realized that you sort of fall down on top of them, since they are so low. And getting up is a whole other thing. I think I will be ready for my ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) toilet with build-in water tank and a large button and a small button. My nieces still giggle about big and little messages. Hope this blog wasn't too .....

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