Monday, April 2, 2012

Holy Moley! Culture Shock!

We are up higher than a normal three story building. Some people have called this a penthouse, which means we are up high. We heard that there might be window washers on cherry pickers coming by to wash our windows. That was last week, and I had forgotten all about it. Until right now!

While sitting watching television at 3:00 pm, I heard and saw brushing and water swishing on the slanted roof windows in the living room. I waited for the man to come into view. When he did, he had no safety belt, nor did I see a high cherry picker. He was walking/standing in the gutter of the building!

When he finished those two windows, he moved toward the front. I heard no machines, but he almost ran to the small front windows. Zip,zip, they were cleaned.

Then he pranced across the gutter on the balcony and washed the two small bedroom windows. My curiosity was too much, so I peeked around the bedroom door and watched him expertly wash the huge slanted bedroom window. No harness, no safety belt, nothing! Then he went toward the neighbor's apartment.

Never expecting to see him again, I sat down to write this blog. And then he raced back by all of our windows! Whew! Niet te geloven! (Can't believe it!)

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miniviper said...

You should have said something. I understand risky behavior...since I now have a funny photo of some Hispanic roofers on my neighbor's roof holding each other with rope...however, what you described here is wholly unacceptable.