Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two Years Ago This Week

Two years ago we were invited to attend our Dutch nephew's wedding in Nottingham, England. As we are definite travelers, we looked for something else to do or see while in that beautiful country of my forefathers (not my hubs!).

We had both been interested in trying a narrowboat journey somewhere, and the canals near Nottingham and in the Pottery District seemed the best choice. So after the lovely British wedding, my husband and I, along with our adult son, began our excursion in a narrowboat.

It was like living in an RV floating down the canal. We had all the luxuries of an RV. Each evening we stopped and tied up along the banks for the night. Most evenings we were near enough to a small village for a meal at a pub.Our other meals were lovingly prepared by moi in our complete kitchen. Of course we had tried to stock up on provisions beforehand at the nearest British Walmart.

Thank goodness we had our son along with us, since the 90+ locks in less than a week would have never been accomplished by the two of us! Our trip was just as our son described it: It was good to do it and good to be finished with it.

Hope this video gives you an idea of our trip.

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