Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flipped Out

We heard from our dog sitter (our favorite son!) that our Flip almost flipped out last night. Poor thing is used to hunting, and he usually gets even overtime when my hub takes him out for his midnight stroll. Well, while he is at our son's house Flip has missed his hunting possibilities. But early this morning or maybe late last night he spotted a possum up on the back fence. We heard he jumped at the fence to either get to it or to knock the creature down. After a bad experience with a rodent last week, luckily our son intervened in time to avoid an encounter of awful proportions. But he did get a photo of the beast (possum, of course).

We are eager to see our son again after being away for a month. And we are sure he will be eager to see us again and even more eager to see us take our Flippie home so that he doesn't have that pest under foot ( or bed)!

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