Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shopping on Easter

There weren't too many stores open today on Easter Sunday. Along our route home this morning, I noticed that Walmart was open, but Sam's Club was not. We stopped off at Dollar General for milk and eggs, since I was reasonably sure we had bacon and bread in the freezer. Our Easter meal was actually a late Easter breakfast. But that was okay, since we had an Easter meal of baked salmon, tossed salad, and corn on the cob yesterday with our son at his house. (he was the fisherman who caught the salmon off of the coast of Alaska)

As for the shopping today, we weren't the only ones. Some people in the Dollar General had the most unusual purchases, but that is to be expected. Maybe that is the reason some of my family members never darken the door of that store. Personally, I always find bargains there. But today
DG helped us out.

After arriving home and finding beautiful blooming pink and red Knock Out roses and knee deep grass and weeds, I noticed some of my flowers from the last two summers growing out in the yard as weeds. Before my hub could cut them down with the tractor blade, I "bought" the most beautiful plants for my flower beds. If I can fight off the mosquitoes tomorrow, I will pot up the plants for a late April planting.

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