Saturday, March 31, 2012

And We Had a Handful

Literally, we had five sets of visitors to our Open Huis today. As we expected no one, five was outstanding. In fact, we had more lookers in two hours than we have had in two years. No joke!

By 11:30 am we had resolved ourselves to reading a book or browsing Pinterest. You know who read the book.

Then a very enthusiastic couple showed up who just had to see the real apartment, since they had questions about the internet photos.

Then while we were eating a quick lunch, a lady who was coming back for the second time (1st time must have been last summer!) came with her daughter to see if the balcony view was to her liking.

Then another interested couple showed up at the door. While they were imagining how to reconstruct the spare bedroom for their children, a single gentleman asked if I could show him around. He would not leave his name, since he said he did not want to be pestered by real estate agents.

Then the last looker came with a friend, but the lady has to sell her own house. She was interested.

So that was our Open House.Whew! Now to find everything that we hid and enjoy our last four days here.

Who knows? Maybe there was a buyer in the handful.

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