Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coon Skin Cap

Back in the day, coon skin caps were prized apparel for little (and big) boys.

Last night our boy dog almost got him one. Coon, that is.

Flip and I both know there is a very large raccoon that roams out by the side of the barn after dark. But last night when he and I went out for his late "spook" search ( or rather pee break), I forgot to peek for raccoons before I let him outside.

Too late!!! I have never seen that hound run so fast. They disappeared around the side of the barn into the dark, while I was screaming for Flip to come back. I thought that was the end of the coon or of Flip! But no, our beagle came wandering back with his tail wagging madly in the night air.

The thrill of the chase! (Now where is that dog biscuit?)

Added note:There are presently birds flying into the windowpanes of the front porch doors and the dining room windows. What does that mean?

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