Sunday, July 1, 2012

Showers? How many today?

How many showers per day can old skin handle?

You know it is summer must take at least two showers per day.

Our son was amazed when one of his roommates in college showered at least two times per day. My husband commented on the fact that my dad changed clothes several times every day when we visited. Now that we live and work outside here in the deeeep south, we know why the roommate showered so much and my dad changed attire so often.

Since we do our own yard work, we now have special "yard clothes" hanging on a clothes rack by the garage door exit. During the cold weather we add jackets, caps, scarves, and gloves. (And, yes, it gets cold enough for fur coats here in December or January.) In the mosquito seasons (fall or spring), we wear long sleeves, long pants, gloves, hats, socks, and Off. And now in this hot and humid time we wear the same mosquito garb, but without the gloves and Off.

Most times after just a few minutes outside in these hot, humid times, we come in completely soaked and head for the shower. And then after our late evening walk with Flip, we do the same. So showering at least twice a day has become a daily happening around here. Changing clothes several times each day has also become the standard procedure. So washing "outdoor" clothes and towels is a continuous job.

Keeping "outdoor" clothes handy by the back door has been a lifesaver for our "regular"clothes.

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