Monday, July 9, 2012

He Did It!

It finally happened!

What I had expected to happen long ago happened just now. Our Flip flipped out and jumped through (well almost) a panel of plastic screen on our back porch.

We tried to teach him that the screen was like a glass door, but in the moment of the chase he forgot. And so did I!

We were both sitting out back on the porch enjoying the rain and the view when behind me I heard a whimper and light thud against the screen. Before I knew it, Flip whipped around my chair and charged into the lower screen panel at the end of the porch. The tension of the plastic screen was so intense that he yelped with a stunned pain and panicked. I saw the damage to the screen and shouted for him to follow me back into the kitchen. Reluctantly he did follow, and then headed for the front door. Needless to say I let him outside.

He ran to the end of the front porch and jumped to the chase. Was it a rabbit? Deer? Squirrel? Black bear? Elephant? Who knows? And Flippy can't tell me.

It is raining really hard now, and he is back on the front porch from the chase. Wet! Muddy! And guilty of ruining our screened in back porch!

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