Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Two Hundred Thirty-six Years! Happy Birthday, USA!

What did you eat on July 4, 2012? Hot dogs? Watermelon? Apple pie?

Where did you celebrate Independence Day 2012? On the beach? In the park? At a street party? At a fireworks display?

We had spare ribs prepared in the oven, corn on the cob ( thanks F!), cucumber salad, Sister Somebody's yeast rolls, apple/pineapple dump cake, and Memaw's homemade pear pie. And we drank iced tea.

We enjoyed our cool air conditioned house out here in the country with our injured pup asleep nearby. How he injured his leg and tummy early this morning, he could not tell us. He will be better tomorrow.The injury did not hurt his appetite, since he especially enjoyed the leftovers from the spare ribs and the new food we bought this week.

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