Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Simplicity Has Service

How many hours have I spent sitting on a tall stool turning the pages of a huge Simplicity pattern catalogue?

Memaw sewed most of my clothes up until I went to work and could buy my own clothes. Or make them myself, which I sometimes did. But Simplicity was our source for patterns for many years, and I only see such pattern books whenever I visit Hancock's. I never sit down to flip through them anymore, since I don't sew.

But last week while shopping I saw a magnifier to attach to the head of my sewing machine. As I really have both the time and desire to get back into sewing (I have a great idea for a "jelly roll" quilt!), I bought the magnifier. On getting it home, I discovered some parts were missing from the box. I have learned from my adult son that you shouldn't settle for poor quality or missing parts, so I "Googled" the magnifier and the make and found out it was a Simplicity product. I then emailed Customer Service with my problem and promptly received an answer. Lauri at Simplicity found me a new magnifier and mailed it off to me within two days. No cost! No postage! Just good ole American SERVICE!

Where has that kind of service been hiding the last 10 years?

Thank you, Lauri. And thank you, Simplicity! (And yes, I sent thank yous to both Lauri and her boss.)

Now Thank You notes will be another blog topic another time. Need to rant about that!!!!!

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