Friday, July 27, 2012

Jelly Rolls Are Almost Done

No, I am not baking jelly rolls! Memaw used to make the most delicious ones, tho'. Maybe the recipe is in Just Plain Cooking. I will look for it later.

My jelly rolls are yards and yards of strips of fabric that I plan to turn into a lasagne quilt. Confused yet? I promise that I am NOT piddling in the kitchen.

I am finally using my craft room upstairs to cut a couple of hundred of jelly roll strips to sew together to make a quick quilt. The only problem is that I did not buy a jelly roll. I am cutting my own jelly roll strips. With a little rotary cloth cutter and a much too small cutting board (hint, hint Memaw), I still need to cut the last piece of material before I can begin sewing together the strips.

Then I will be ready to time myself to see how quickly I can put together my lasagne (or jelly roll) quilt top.

Then the fun begins! Tacking on the batting (read where you can use blue painter's tape) and backing. Then edging the whole thing and quilting it. What have I gotten myself into? A beautiful quilt, I hope. When I have finished, I will include a photo of my first quilt.

I made a patchwork quilt top back in the early 80's from Laura Ashley squares and then made a duvet cover out of it. That was the lazy gal's way out of making a quilt.

Back when Mom and Dad lived in the northern part of the state, my then teenaged son and I helped Memaw hand tie knot a quilt top that my Auntie had made years before. I still have that quilt made by four generations! That is a special quilt!

But this will be my first real quilt--from start to finish. Wish me luck.

My hub says I go from hobby to hobby, but I like to keep busy. Who knows what else I can find to do in all of those craft boxes upstairs! Hum?

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