Thursday, July 12, 2012

If You Ain't a Little Dutch, You Ain't Much

Ha!Ha! I still laugh at one of my nieces whenever she says, "I know, it is Dutch!"

For years she has heard from either my hub or me about John de Mol's television revolution both in Holland and the US -- Big Brother, Fear Factor, The Voice, Deal or No Deal, etc.--, that the best chocolate around is Dutch, etc. And yesterday after trying to decipher this tome of family pedigree information about our family, I can show her that she too is a little Dutch. Like it or not!

I sent family members the thick PDF document yesterday, and today I will send my notes of my reading it. It was an interesting thing to do on a rainy day.

I learned a lot about names and where they originated before Napoleon decreed in 1810 that people in his Dutch reign had to choose a name and register with it. I am just happy that my forefathers chose decent names and not something profane.

My sympathy to the Naaktgeborens/born naked, Piest/pisses, and Spring int Veld/spring in the field families in The Netherlands!

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