Friday, July 20, 2012

Grass is Knee Tall

With all the rain last week and the sun this week, we have tall grass. My hub even mowed around the house last week between rain showers, but that only helped a little. We aren't complaining about the rain (our Dutch life was full of that) or the sun (wasn't that what last summer was all about), but now we just have to find the right time of the day to do outside mowing/weeding jobs without getting overheated.

Years ago when I visited my parents up in the northern part of this glorious state, I remember my Mom going out to weedeat early in the morning. I tried to help a few times and she said to me, "Don't get too hot. Take it easy." The humidity is so high here that after 10 minutes I am sopping wet and not a degree cooler. So much for sweating cooling off your body!

Last night instead of walking with Flip, we did yard work for the last 1 1/2 hours before dark set in. I did my usual weed busting around the roses and big agaves, and my hub did his weed killing spray job on the gravel drive and paths. Flip didn't quite understand why we weren't walking with him, but after a while he amused himself in the forest chasing rabbits or something and was equally as hot and tired as we were at dark.

So that means maybe I will try more weed ridding (around the smaller agaves and bushes) tonight. I have washed the outdoor work attire and am ready to sweat some more. Still think it is better than driving to a gym facility to work out and sweat. At least doing it outside here in the yard, I get fit and get a neat trimmed lawn!

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