Monday, March 12, 2012

Always a Topic

When I used to write a weekly letter to my mother-in-law during the last year of her life, I never seemed to be at a loss for a writing topic. What we did in and around our home in the US was new to her, and country life was relatively new for me.

Writing this blog has also been relatively easy, since Memaw has supplied me with recipes and tales of the past. The last couple of days I have slowed down and writer's block took over!

Of course I could write about drying sheets without a dryer or decent clothes drying rack.

Or I could write about ripping out the stinky black bathroom mat here in the apartment ( that was really easy, by the way). Or how we want to rip out the AstroTurf on the moss covered balcony.

Or I could write about swapping garbage disposal duty with our apartment neighbors downstairs so that we fulfill our duty this year.

Or maybe I could write about eating our favorite Chinese dish Babi Pangang for two days.

Or what about already being tired of eating the good Dutch bread that we have dreamed about for the last nine months.

Or then I could write about what needs to be done around here in the apartment before we have an Open House on March 31 for selling this place.

Or what about.........?

Topics enough! Now for a bowl of Greek yoghurt, granola, and honey and then outside for a walk without Flip. It is a new week in Nederland!

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